Monday, May 29, 2006

Internet Forum Shuffle

This is where you chime into a forum with a contrarian post, subsequently upsetting the masses. Somehow this is disrespectful going in one direction only. My contention of course is the opposite. Then along comes a moderator after 100s of pile ons from the group to defend against the Great Satan on the thread and A Stoning in Canaan is the result. Been there done that.

In this case, the refugee thread at a certain editor's blog some 500+ posts long by absolutewrite junkies displaced in that bizarre ISP eviction. Supposedly, this shutdown was caused by a threat from a scam agent. I wasn't convinced, but this clique involves true believers whatever the topic. These people not only act like they're in high school, some are actually in high school. The sniveling wimpishness of writer forums is still boundless. And of course they're just about all anonymous. I call this group-trolling.


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