Monday, May 22, 2006

National Review Flim-Flammery

The media war on global warming is on, but the opposition is still stuck on stupid. So dimwitted are the writers for National Review who like other thinktank shills paid for by CEI and the Petroleum Institute, as are their sources, all they can do in response to TIME is to ad hominem attack them and recant the same debunkd fallacies about melting ice sheets. That doesn't make their misunderstanding true. It's deliberate disinformation and false.
Those numbers sound impressive, but the chances of the ice caps fully melting are about as high as the chances of Time as giving you an honest story on global warming. The truth is that there's no solid evidence supporting the conclusion that we've locked the ice caps in to a melting trend. Let's look at Antarctica and Greenland in turn.

About Antarctica, University of Virginia climate scientist Patrick J. Michaels is direct: What has happened is that Antarctica has been gaining ice. He explains that there has been a cooling trend over most of Antarctica for decades. At the same time, one tiny portion of the continent the Antarctic Peninsula has been warming, and its ice has been melting. The peninsula constitutes only about 2 percent of Antarctica's total area, but almost every study of melting Antarctic ice you've heard of focuses on it.
Unfortunately for this writer total ice mass in Antarctica has declined despite some new snowfall in specific interior locations. Get that? Declined as has Greenland. This piece is a lie.


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