Thursday, May 25, 2006

Benedict Arnold's Navy

Jim Nelson of Harpswell, Maine's new book is out, Benedict Arnold's Navy and is the first major publication to use my work on Reuben Colburn and the march to Quebec, although it's about the Battle of Valcour Island in 1776. I'm hoping this citation will help me attract a publisher for mine.
Thank you to Mark A. York, a descendant of Reuben Colburn, for information about the crucial role his ancestor played in Arnold’s march to Quebec. The Colburn House in Pittston, Maine is on the National Register thanks to his efforts and is open to the public.
Many thanks to Jim for contacting me during his research.

Update:6/6/06 Apparently The quote from the acknowledgement page in the printed copy, as a recent trip down to B&N revealed, was left out due to author error according to the author, and not deliberate editing. However this same editor (and also the editor of Frank Baron's little baitfishing book for those following the absolutewrite story, where I was banned long ago) did send him my way by virtue of a "200 bateaux" notation on the draft if not by name. I gladly gave the author the information for credit. The editor had rejected my manuscript two years ago. It was a written contract via e-mail and valid. Now there's no credit in the text or anywhere else. A remedy has been proposed and I accepted. It's an unfortunate occurance and things like this can always be avoided by citing your sources fully. All writers want is credit. Without that nothing will ever come our way.


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