Saturday, May 13, 2006

Da Vinci Code

Before we get into too much hype over the movie, I've mentioned before how the facts and the code don't coincide well. Or at all. But the debunkers with a cross to bear fail to realize that just because people believed Jesus to be divine in the second century (and not because of a decree at the council of Nicea) only supports the fact that followers thought he was because he supposedly said so. It's only an example of things people believe and nothing more. When we link back, which is what the word religion means, we come straight to a ? regarding the assertions of believers as to divinity of anything.

The message I get is we are all divine in that sense. The "supernatural" is fiction no matter who tells it be it the Church or anyone else. Dan Brown clipped together a fast moving thriller using other writers' work. The hook is a married Jesus. This is fictional as much as the supernatural abilities of this extraordinary man we really know very little about.


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