Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Book Stuff

Well here's another successful plaigiarist, and this time an ethnic teen-ager with a half-million dollar deal. Oops she just happened to copy one of those less successful authors.

Over at Miss Snark's Gin Mill the topic has been iUniverse ads in the NYTBR from whence the above story comes. "Vinnie" from Michigan, a freelance direct mail copywriter according to the bio, which is junk mail where I come from, published a book with Sourcebooks but really longs to be a iUniverse author like me. You know, someone who has been rejected by the "establishment," unfairly, and whom apparently prefers plagiarists. iU has an ongoing co-op ad program which costs each vanity press writer $2500 to get in the Times. Vinnie and even Miss S thinks iU footed the bill. Uh uh. Nope. This is vanity pressland. The writers get the check every time . And they sign on the front.


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