Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Libelling Jim Hansen

Yeah the prince of darkness Robert Novak strikes again, joining George Will in repeating the same lies for literary effect. The TIME article has gotten the wingnuts' attention and they are moving quickly to counter Hansen and CBS for telling the truth about global warming. They're afraid big time, so trot out the lies, repeat and so on. It's what Republican operatives do with the help of their press shills.

As the RealClimate team notes "Hansen in 1988 over-predicted global warming by 400% (a story originated by Pat Michaels and subsequently propagated by Michael Crichton). This story is a fabrication that has already been set right by us in 2004."

Hansen was correct in 1988 by giving three sets of circumstances and picking the middle one which turned out to be dead on the money, but Michaels et al used the lowest with different factors and never mentioned the one Hansen chose. This is old fashioned disinformation: a smear campaign. It should be exposed as that.


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