Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Radical Straw Men

I had someone actually tell me Clinton had the worst environmental record ever and believed it. Apparently this was something the late David Brower said in a fit of hyperbole in 1996. Advocates like Brower are important to shoot for a noble goal that is unachievable. Policy on the ground comes in increments with compromises and sometimes failures on the micro-level, but this list here is over the top, and evidence of absolutists disconnected from the ecosystem they purport to protect. As a biologist who worked and still works for the agencies I find these claims farcial. Clinton preserved more land than anyone since Jimmy Carter and TR. A couple obscure missteps and concessions can't negate the gains we made during his tenure, and unfortunately lost since 2000. That's the legacy of Nader radicals as much as the clueless Bush voters.


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