Friday, March 31, 2006

The Dunce Cap President

Let's see, tastes good? Or less filling? President Bush on "natural" or "human-caused" global warming. As the gang at RealClimate say, this is not a debate in science, only in wingnut media and thinktank circles where proven cranks get deference over his own scientists at NASA. Our old nemesis Woody, the ravingly conservative accountant from Atlanta, chooses the former and continues to mock the real science. This is sad but predictable. The RC crew handed him his hat, but he had a schedule conflict and had to run. The readers of Marc Cooper, who after the heated immigration imbroglio is no fan of mine, sadly, will recognize this fingers-in-ears la-laing.

My novel on global warming is coming along nicely, although I doubt it will run as long as Crichton's, and certainly it won't reach the same conclusion that radical, hysterical greenies are making things up. Reality is more than enough.


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