Friday, January 20, 2006

Vanity Stalkers

The one thing my books and stance on vanity publishing have brought me is yet another negative: the Internet stalker. I don't mean in the threatening violent sense, just the persistent from posting, and book review sort of following like John S. Meade here. He shows up everywhere I go to disagree with me, and ad hominem my views and philosophy. It's fair game but tiresome.

Now it's Marc Cooper's, before it was Lee Goldberg's, right here and at Amazon. Mr. Meade believes I'm wrong on evolution and more to the point vanity publishing. You see he's a Vantage Press author, (the oldest most expensive subsidy press in the country) and lately Virtualbookworm. His two-line review of the Desjardin book revealing no details from said book is typical. He knows I wrote a similar book and got skunked out by this one as I've said, so this is the little man's chance to bite me back and stick the knife in. I get it.

Not surprisingly he feels safer with Hussein in jail and bin Laden on the run. Of course that's the way things stood before we went into Iraq, but logic is never the believer's friend.

Same crap different day.


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