Thursday, January 12, 2006


Oprah came to the rescue on Larry King yesterday. I missed it but the shameless defense is reorded here. Once successful liars win. Apparently the book was rejected as a work of fiction then resubmitted as nonfiction. Some memoirs are fiction due to memory constructions like A River Runs Through It. But generally memoir means a factual account of the period of time. There is no leeway in this. The book should recalled and the monetary loss incured. It won't happen since we have a culture of liars now. Only the best liars win even when caught. This just isn't right on its face.

Seth Mnookin gets to the merits of the book and knows a thing or three about rehab too.

"If a novelist wrote a book run through with these kind of straight-from-Central-Casting chestnuts, he'd be politely told to try again … as Frey says he was, by 17 different publishers, before, Frey says, Doubleday's Nan Talese said she'd publish his novel if he recast it as a memoir."


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