Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Liar King

He was a yuppie schemer from birth, a trust-fund bum with a roof rat's adaptive, though repellent traits: a rat cunning and lack of shame.These qualities happen to be the key to success in the US: voila Frey embracing Oprah.

I couldn't agree more and John Dolan digs up more on the scammer James Frey is. Living in LA writing bad movies, and stealing chracters from "Eddie Little-specifically, Frey looted Little's great debut novel, "Another Day in Paradise."

So Frey a rich well-connected produced screenwriter since 1998 decided to delve deep into his past. Yeah right. Guess what his next film is. This thing just keeps getting more putrid.


Blogger Joel said...

That is just sick.

Reminds me of all the yuppies who went to hypotherapists in the 1990s to buy themselves bad childhoods and alien abductions.

3:46 PM  

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