Saturday, June 18, 2005

Altered Grazing Study

The Bush administration altered critical portions of a scientific analysis of the environmental impact of cattle grazing on public lands before announcing Thursday that it would relax regulations limiting grazing on those lands, according to scientists involved in the study.

Same thing they do with all studies these days. This defines politicised science and it's a Bush MO. With enthusiastic religiousity they alter the science into a lie. I work for the agency BLM now so I can't comment on anything specific, but my sources tell me this is even more common at the lower levels of management. The lawsuits are rampant because the agency refuses to follow the management plan. They don't call it the Bureau of Livestock and Mining for nothing: The Dark Side. Under Bush it's all dark all the time. I will continue to expose this and provide solid scientific documentation of the real conditions on the ground, be they bad or good in individual cases. That's my job. What they do afterwards is on their shoulders not mine.


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