Sunday, April 17, 2005

Open up the forest

Interesting and frightening. My work has shown the forests have opened up too much already. More? Unbelievable. Maybe I'll explore this further in My All the King's Horses WIP on logging.

Item two is a great profile of Carl Hiaasen on 60 Minutes tonight. The guy's great hands down, and we definitely think alike. He has a pretty good head start on me, but it's something to shoot for. After all, there's a lot of them to muckrake against and oh so few fearless muckrakers. Development is the business of America but it comes at one helluva cost. ANWR for example. South Florida, hell all of Florida is under the gun the same way as California was, and still is to a lesser degree. The inhabitable land is long filled. But here we have a large inhospitable land mass known as the Mojave desert. That will remain for the mostpart uninhabited outside of the Coachella Valley. Florida will fill up to overflowing and is.


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