Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Faux Novelists

This one of those jobs that everyone wants yet thinks they can do it sans training. Oy Vey as a former acquaintance from my Hollywood days would say. Most use the POD vanity presses because "elitist" and literary snobs hold sway over mainstream publishing and they don't want to go that route. Good idea because that road is tough. Consider this advertisement for a reporter in South Florida. Get a load of who you'd be replacing. Oy Vey indeed.

Crime Reporter - The reporter chosen for this assignment at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel will cover the major law enforcement and emergency response agencies in our area. So, we're looking for a reporter with the proven ability to respond competitively to major breaking news, but who also can spot and develop trend pieces and in-depth takeouts of front-page and Sunday caliber. Two of our former police reporters have gone on to become successful crime novelists. One is award-winning author Michael Connelly. To apply, send a letter of interest, resume and 8-10 work samples to:

Yet, an ex-auto worker in Michigan (born into a show business family mind you) thinks he's a crime novelist, because he 'feels' he is. People like this don't get what it takes to do this job and be accepted by a real agent and publisher for commercial fiction. This is the kind of dupe that Publishamerica exploits, yet novice writers like this won't even question the company as it pillages their fellow naive friends all sans writing training of any kind. The irony is that should you learn the craft on your own and write a publishable book, mainstream publishing is open to it, but because of this elitist myth they don't try.

Like this star trooper for instance. He goes by astonwest and on my first visit to mindsightseries forum a haven for PA rejects, or the next waiting room to nowhere, he threatened me with his "blaster" for asking questions of the other members, all PA authors. I wasn't amused. Apparently this thing could take a man's head right off. That sounded like a shotgun to a Mainer, but then, I had the idea I wasn't exactly among adults. MO is typical PA: buy a truckload of your own books and peddle them to the heartland. Lose money, never catch on because it's "your book."

Even when ex-PA authors do leave they have of late taken to starting their own POD vanity presses. Then they happily vanity publish all their friends books and give each a ..well, it's a circle jerk all over again. The standard practice is to ban anyone who dares tell the truth about POD vanity presses because all of the moderators are published by vanity presses. Upcoming mainstream press stories on Publishamerica will shed new light on that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

POD Publishing is to Democracy as Traditionally Published is to Ultra-Conservative, Republican Administration.

--William Hung

9:10 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Not quite. Everybody can't earn a place at the table. This country isn't really a democracy. Merit, and yes connections, family or business determine who gets the stage or not and always has. Otherwise the work is meaningless because everyone is doing it.

10:03 AM  

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