Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Publishamerica Tale

I've done two inteviews for major stories on Publishamerica. While I succcessfully got my "sting" book back, unlike some unfortunate trapped authors, news stories to date have been clueless as to the deception the company uses. Poor schmuck wites book is the angle and no paper with one of these stories would ever review a PA book.

I have them infringing my copyright too but this is costly to fight. Most likely a judge would claim it was inadvertant on PA's part. What is needed is a blackmailed author that has printed receipts from Lightning Source for the 49 copies of stock scam. There is one I know of that didn't sign the gag order.

Calling "JD." Time to come forward again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. I almost fell for their tricks. I was going to use PublishAmerica until I began to feel suspicious about them. I sent them some questions about my book after i was drawn in by their Free Publishing and High success rates. Then i sent them an email where i asked about the requirements for their books, and about one of their other books that was on the same thing as mine, a prophet near the end of the world. I also included a summary of my book that was somewhat detailed but not enough to steal my book. When i got a reply it simply said "Please send us your full manuscript" How dumb did they think i am? I may be 17, but i can still get suspicious. Thankfully i found your site and the site of another author, Eddie Bruce. Their dishonesty is very dissapointing. Well, if you know of anything that could help me get my book published, email me at Thanks again for exposing them.

5:36 PM  

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