Friday, October 01, 2004

Debate Victory

"Bush countered that he had increased spending on "nuclear nonproliferation" by 35%.

But Kenneth Luongo, director of nuclear nonproliferation programs in the Clinton administration who now serves as executive director of the Russian-American Nuclear Security Advisory Council, said the president must be counting programs other than the core nuclear nonproliferation efforts known as the Nunn-Lugar programs.

Bush campaign officials said the president's claim that spending on nonproliferation had increased by 35% referred to an increase in the budget for the National Nuclear Security Administration, part of the Department of Energy, whose primary responsibilities include safeguarding nuclear sites and reducing stockpiles in the United States."
LA Times

This is an example of how Bush conflates things to his own advantage; classic misinformation. He doesn't know the difference.

Bush looked really bad. I'd be worried if I were a supporter. I'm encouraged as an opponent.


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