Sunday, September 26, 2004

Fred Friendly Presents

John Leo reports on the Dan Rather fiasco and bloggers:"Bloggers make their case with hyperlinks to primary sources and other data. Arguments without authority count for nothing, and soft-headed analyses and hoaxes are quickly exposed. As RealClearPolitics said, it's a fast-moving, "very transparent, self-correcting environment ultimately based on facts." "

Yeah, well a nice theory that fails the scratch test. I've not seen links to many "primary" sources. If you did a statistical analysis you'd get 90% linked to other like-minded blogs peddling the same innuendo sans pertinent facts. Just refer to the typwriter misinformation for example. Primary sources are routinely accused of being "forged." I have to point out that the memos can't authenticated. Who can prove they are forgeries? Online, innuendo is all it takes for any document. Who can you hook with the assertion? That's the real game played in the propagandistic world of the blogger. It's the most "truth free" zone there is.


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