Thursday, August 05, 2004

The Bias Wars

I made the comments section of Editor & Publisher. The sampling of liberal/conservative coments illustrates the perception problem quite well, as does the red/blue state map. I wish I could report it's not that simplistic but it is. I haven't read the cover story yet but it looks good.

Done with the article. It's good, but this business of both sides to a story is bunk. As a reporter you need to flesh out the real story, not just some twisted view of it one way or the other. Both sides Now? Ironically the title of my Dark Skies episode. Insofar as only one take can be correct based on the facts of the story, one take has to be more wrong or incorrect than the other. There can be no relativism for the conservative view. Theirs is the narrower view by definition. If the facts prove them wrong then that's the breaks; buck it up and learn. The longer, more in depth view is more likely to find the truth. As a scientist I can't abide the conservative positions and interpretations on scientific issues. They tend toward religious ideology that has been at war against knowledge for thousands of years. There's only one way to frame that story that's factually valid in my view.


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