Saturday, July 10, 2004


Poor professor Rosen had to give a group hug to the insane flamers on his blog. I've never encountered a more fierce pack of confederate conservatives anywhere. I thought the writer sites were bad with overly sensitive novice novelists, but this is too much. Journo attackers are even more stupid.

"It wasn't because I am a liberal," Rosen said and (an author, scientist and a current journalism student), but because I was insulting to other posters. Huh? When is a debate an insult? People online tend to cry foul when they get better than they can give in the argument. Only mushy relativism can lend credence to the weaker argument. I suffered fool after fool of negative anti-media bias for weeks and tried to counter it. I failed. The pro-Bush conspiracists are so pitiful and vindictive that even liberal professors coddle them.

"I wanted to be banned," chimed Patterico, a right-wing DA blogger in L.A. No counselor of doom, I wanted to win the argument and debunk the myth machine of the right. Wrong forum for that. My mistake.


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