Friday, June 25, 2010

Bring in the Clowns

So with the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding states drizzled with oil, what does the right-wing press have to say about it? We have Good Ole climate denier in Chief Joe Barton licking BP's befouled boots, and now Al Gore has stepped into a pit of quicksand at the hands of the fine journalists in Lantana, Florida. Let's see, if we pay a million bucks to a washed up masseuse to report on Al's room service etiquette in 2006, maybe that will take heat off the gulf?

Even columnist Howie Carr, the author of this screed, is befuddled by the length of time that has passed, never mind the truth served up in The Enquirer. But that doesn’t keep him from his appointed rounds per decree from the Hive.“The odd thing is, this alleged incident happened in 2006, before the global-warming scam imploded in the wake of plummeting temperatures and the hide-the-decline e-mails among Gore’s flim-flamming co-conspirators. Back then, it was practically a crime to be a non-believer - “denier” was the word the moonbats used. Usually these religious hucksters like Pope Albert get caught touching the third rail on the downhill slide, after they predict that the coming of the Rapture or the mothership or whatever and the date arrives . . . and nothing happens.”

Right. Did someone predict the world actually would end? Carr has confused Al and by association, the climate scientists, with the Millerites I guess. Never mind what NASA says about the subject. Nope, Al Gore has been caught, allegedly with his pants down, thus global warming science is defacto disproven as it clearly has been in Carr’s head. This reminds me of the bad syllogisms used in Logic class.

So The Portland paper held the story, possibly, because facts were involved? Damn that liberal press! The nerve. Iced. It’s the “limousine liberal” way, as Carr puts it. Not enough name-calling for you? Throw in “green Bernie Madoff” for good measure. Green entrepreneurship must be bad because we know oil is good and it isn’t green. Got it.

We don’t know what Al Gore has done behind closed doors but I’ll withhold judgment until he hikes the Appalachian Trail to Argentina to have a weekend with the babysitter, his true soulmate. Then, as is the case now, it will be irrelevant.

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Blogger maven said...

You've evaluated that Boston Herald article perfectly. The woman's accusations were ludicrous, but even if they weren't, Al Gore's personal life is irrelevant when the subject is climate change. He's not a scientist and never claimed to be. I found Carr's article funny but totally irrational.

6:13 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Thanks, maven. I guess it is in a "look at the crazy man playing in traffic" kind of way. Alas he just got hit by a Prius. Can't hear those damn things coming!

7:43 PM  

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