Thursday, October 18, 2007

Politicised Science

Clinton Says She Would Shield Science From Politics" (05 Oct 2007)

Yeah she would, but the reporters whimped out and closed with a winger quote claiming she manipulates numbers for her own purposes. Hello! What does this have to do with science? Would Hillary tell scientists what she wanted to hear like Bush clearly has? No.
“Hillary Clinton says she will bring integrity to science, but on the campaign trail she manipulates basic mathematics in her attempts to explain how she will pay for hundreds of billions of dollars in new spending,” Mr. Diaz said. He also noted that Mr. Bush had made federal money available for stem cell research.
And it's not even science spending mind you. You know, just generic spending that only Democrats do, according to the opposition spokesman here, Mr. Diaz of the Republican National Committee.

Funded srem cells? limited adult ones, while decreeing no more new embryonic lines will be allowed by order of The King! Does this sound like 2007 or 1213? Sadly both. Ever hear of teaching an old dog new tricks? Well they may try once, but they tend to wander off and take a nap under a tree and dream of the good ole days.

Just because a personal opposing he said/she saidism opinion has numbers in it doesn't make it scientific. Journalists these days areen't allowed to challenge BS from any side. They're nothing more than stenographers for who ever they talk to. Moon. Cream Cheese. OK. We'll go with it!



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