Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thinktank Echochamber

It seems uber conseravtive thinktank blogger Michael Fumento doesn't allow comments on his blog. Well, it saves him embarassement of having others more knowlegeable prove him wrong. How free is that platform? I published his ad hominem. Yet another Postcard from Wingerville here. Fumento is a fellow at the Hudson Institute, and part of an organized global warming denial effort chronicled in the Newsweek piece I reported on in the last post. It appears I struck a nerve.



Blogger Mike said...

I don't work for a think tank and I don't have a comments section because blogging is very much a side aspect of what I do. I'm paid (if very little) only for my articles. No other source of income. I have no time to mess with a comments section. Finally, I know me. I'd find myself feeling it necessary to respond to every single comment. Forget about publishing articles! I DO, however, have almost 50 volumes of hate mail that a lot of people enjoy.

10:01 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

Well Michael, perhaps the so-called hate mail stems from ideas that are patently false and your efforts to sell them to an uninformed public?

We stand and fall on our ideas and their veritas. I have no platform to sell mine in the commercial marketplace. Apparently a past with the Hudson Insitute and the denial network does for you. Making a living writing is not easy, but it's unfortunate the truth can't be sold as easily as lies. The people on your side of this and other issues have chosen unwisely. Non scientists shouldn't be allowed to bastardize science.

Opinions aren't created equal and neither is the stage on which they are aired for public consumption.

11:56 AM  

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