Friday, May 18, 2007

Wall Street Dropouts

Odd as it is, my WSJ editor quasi-nemesis Jim Taranto allowed this to go through. Let freedom ring!

A Proud CSUN Grad
Mark A. York - Sunland, Calif.

Well, kudos for coming clean on that one. Can you imagine, though, a liberal getting a high-profile newspaper job with this kind of attitude and résumé? I can't. I did graduate from your school, Cal State Northridge. I was 52 years old. I had to sit in a multitude of general ed classes with freshmen as a senior to do it. I fought this for, well, decades before giving in.

Now this sort of Custer's last stand doesn't work out for most who try it. They get tossed to the curb for failing. It went well for you though. That's just luck and the right political litmus test for Heritage and WSJ. A sort of affirmative action for conservatives, eh?

Now you can go back to mocking science and other subjects you either failed or didn't bother to learn. That's how ignorance works. It's self-perpetuating. For some. There's always someone to blame instead of the guilty.

John Fund didn't graduate either. We don't need no stinkin education.


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