Saturday, April 28, 2007

LAT Festival of the Book

Another good time save for a horribly slow crawl over the infamous 405 to UCLA due to an accident; always a possibility here. I saw Jim Taranto, of the who I disagree with on virtually everything, and who failed graduate from my alma mater CSUN, on a panel about the future of news. I didn't see Marc Cooper. That said, the questioner from the audience, a fiesty limelight hog, or "focus sucker" as an old aquaintance from the movie business would say, claiming "the six floors of the WTC couldn't have fallen at that high rate of speed" was hilarious.

"Did they answer the quesion? She asked the audience after giving up on the panel, pleading for supportive affirmation that George Bush ordered the explosives installed, I guess? Jeez.

There were jeers, and calls for her to shut up. I thought it was answered. She's a nut and evidence some of the far left will believe anything in the same way the far right won't believe the easy stuff like science done by the best in the world. Every political persuasion has their pet conspiracies. They have one thing in common: they're both crazy.

The panel which included Mark Halperin of ABC and Jim O'Shea the newly installed editor of the LAT was flabbergasted and let he go on way to long, but it turns out that was the highlight of the day, other than seeing some first time novelists and one old timer: William Kittredge getting the lifetime achievement award. He and his wife, Annick Smith produced A River Runs Through It, one of my favorite films. The Amy Goodman, Greg Palast panel on the state of America today was fun, but they didn't allow enough questions. Palast is an entertainer. He's right, but a bit hyperblized for a mainstream audience, and relies heavily on a keen perception of the obvious to make his points. His main one is Bush et al are for OIL. KPO-phasers on full stun Captain!

Jared Diamond and his sister Susan were interesting, talking about their childhood in Boston. He looks like an Amish elder, but boy, what an intellect. Her too.

Of course all of the crime novelists were around: Connelly; Crais; Cannell and so on. It's so LA.

Tomorrow it's sci-fi with John Scalzi whose blog I've commented on, and the Bill McKibben panel on the state of the natural world.



Blogger Woody said...

Not exactly on topic, but have you seen the current issue of 'The Nation" attacking those who push global warming claims?

11:22 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

No. I'll take a look, but the science is solid. I don't care what peopns say who don't know anything no matter who they are.

5:26 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

I have now and it's complete bullshit long since debunked except in the minds of the retarded. Unfortunately they have news outlet sanctioning. This is evidence indeed that some things reported as opinion are just crap.

11:36 AM  

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