Friday, April 14, 2006

Murry Waas The New Woodward

That's what Jay Rosen is saying these days and he's right. Waas is the best there is now. From his National Journal latest edition: "Wilson also said that the ambassador told her that a "four-star Marine general had also already talked to current officials, and that he too had concluded and reported that he believed there was nothing to the allegations."


Blogger DennisMKane said...

Murray Waas is an excellent journalist. He is persistent, approachable, and truly interested in his story. Unfortunately, he is searching to have the greatest impact, but in the wrong millue. The real criminals of Mr. Waas' life have not been government creeps/abuses (which he covers proficiently), the biggest criminals during the life of Mr. Waas have been corporate villians that have not only lost investors untolled billions, but these unsclupulous corporate "leaders" have made "rippping off" the average citizen a common day practice. Where are Mr. Waas' generous talents being directed? Where is a journalistic hero that will uncover corporate avarice/waste so we all can live a better life? Corporate Creeps have cost the average taxpayer and investor more money than can ever be measured. While we have Mr. Waas to represent the averege person's outrage over rotten government, we are missing a person that will dedicate themselves to exposing the many unscrupulous corporate leaders that populate our society and are eager to take money out of our pockets. Such is Mr. Waas, admirable but misguided as far as talent for impact on society In short, such is Mr. Waas: Such is our wanting society today!!!

7:52 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Heroes are hard to find.

8:05 PM  

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