Thursday, January 26, 2006

Winfrey's Redemption

I think Oprah Winfrey redeemed herself today. Frey can never be.

Update: I've decided after careful thought Oprah should have known better to begin with, (a given really) and can't be completely redeemed. Everyone must pay for their indiscretions one way or another.


Blogger The Late Mitchell Warren said...

I thought about writing a big article on this and posting it on an obscure forum somewhere. But I just don't care enough.

What Frey did was typical of a writer who will and probably should do anything to make it in this hard business. If your goal is to sell a lot of books, then he has lost his soul but accomplished his goal.

Oprah on the other hand, I don't get. She is so obsessed with image and presenting herself as a flawless saint, she embarrasses herself publicly then rushes to save face. The only way Oprah could "redeem" herself in my eyes is if she admitted, "Oh hell I just did that whole bit as a favor to a nobody author."

6:42 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Frey's a fraud. That's the bottom line, but the check has cleared. I want his books pulled. You can't write a memoir about a guy you met in jail when you weren't IN jail. Both books are deceptions. The guy was a produced screenwriter. Do you know how hard that is? He planned the whole thing. I think Winfrey was "duped." She hammered him and Talese. You are right though, she should have not continued to fall for it. I'm a memoirist so I have a dog in this fight.

6:47 PM  

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