Tuesday, January 31, 2006


One of the worst most self-serving speeches ever. Gloating, defiant, oblivious and always clueless. Any opposition to this agenda is the prescription to a failed plan like Bush's. None of the facts back up his course of action for the last five years. The state of our union is faltering for most of us. Unless you happen to be a shyster and then it's happy days are here again. Welcome to the 1890s.

Live blogger comment of the night to my fellow California Democrat and uber blogger Kevin Drum:
"8:56 — Let's see, George Bush has already adopted John Kerry's Iran policy, and tonight he will apparently adopt Jimmy Carter's energy policy as well. "America is addicted to oil," we are reliably informed he will tell us. Let's keep a sharp eye out for FDR references too, shall we?"

And Cindy Sheehan was removed from the building. That's perfect.


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