Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Myth of POD

As an experiment in 2000 I used the vanity publisher Xlibris for a fee of $0. Since then it has earned $47 in royalties. I've done nothing to promote it except advertise it online. Same with the second book from iUniverse which cost me $99. It has sold three copies. The idea of online only books is a complete dog that can't hunt.


Blogger IzzyGold said...

Or you simply can't write. Denial. You claims Pod is fake and that POD authors should not claim credits for writing POD books. But that is exactly what you do on the front page of your Blog--which Martindelle's rated as the worst in its category last week-- list two vanity published books as credits. Who is the fraud? Look In the mirror. I read Agaist a Strong Current. No focus. No plot. Simply wandered from one thought to amother. Your a "scientist" "Journalist" so your answer is in the mirror.

10:24 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

Plot in nonfiction? It's easy to see the kind of idiot you are so I'll leave your testament to tom- foolery here for others to pass judgment on.

The books here are mine and they are NOT publishing credits. The news stories are. I claim PODs are fake based on what the world thinks of them. They'll take a good book with the bad but most are as bad as you claim mine are. Had you posted a passage you read from my book I'd know you read it. It's clear from your ad hominem you didn't, and are just a stupid illiterate hack. Probably with a POD book. That's why they're bad. Because of defenders of your ilk.

10:32 AM  

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