Wednesday, October 19, 2005

“cooking intelligence.”

That's what former CIA agent Larry Johnson says. That's what it looked like to me at the time in 2003 and even more so now given recent events.

It is now clear that Italy’s intelligence service, SISME, had a hand in producing the forged documents delivered to the U.S. Embassy in Rome in early October 2003 that purported to show a deal with Niger to buy uranium. Many in the intelligence community are convinced that a prominent neocon with longstanding ties to SISME played a role in the forgery. The truth of that proposition remains to be proven. This much is certain: Either SISME or someone with ties to SISME helped forge and circulate those documents, which some tried to use to bolster the case to go to war with Iraq.

Busy Day for Larry debunking all this misinformation about the so-called discredited account of the Niger trip by Joe Wilson. Andrea Mitchell found the truth a bit too complicated to follow.

It's a shame when reporters can't do their jobs for repeating all the conservative BS flying around.


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