Monday, September 12, 2005


"Don't answer any question that could prevent you from doing your job," cautioned former judge Sen. John Cornyn described by Molly Ivins as a "Senator-looking sumbitch."

Excuse me? Prevent you from doing whose job? The ones who know the answer to the question and whose agenda they serve? We don't want a judge who serves anyone but the law. That's the gig: Objectivism insofar as we can get it. And that's what Madison, Jefferson et al had in mind. Advice and consent with the Senate. That's what prevents a political coup, yet today's Republicans don't seem to grasp that concept. To their ilk, it's to the victors go the spoils. That's what the founders sought to prevent with this structure. "Legislating from the bench" is only bad when laws they like are struck down. They're more than happy to do it as long as it's in their favor. So transparent.


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