Monday, September 12, 2005

Presidential Leadership

The expert on this, Opinionjournal editor James Taranto even without a college degree for preparation thinks, surprise, Bush will be judged well if his disastrous policies ever prove up. Of course they haven't so far or ever will in my view. This is a my response that probably won't be published:

Jim he's failed at every level. Bush is a hard right ideologue and sock puppet from the largest and richest businesses in the country. They profit from his farflung ventures and everyone else loses since we didn't have the money to pay them: he borrowed it. Sort of like looting isn't it?

As with the rest of the Bush family war profiteering is the family business and has been since WWI. He will be known as a colossal bungler and dismantler of the American dream. He has no control over the weather. That assertion is a weak straw man. Bush just doesn't know enough to get out of the rain. That's what history has already shown us.

Update: They published the comment. Salute, Jim.


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