Friday, May 06, 2005

The Google Code

Still monitoring Roger Simon and found this conspiracy gem.

What they are really doing is turning their search capabilities into the instrument of a form of censorship never before devised. No matter what supposedly impartial algorithms are built into their ranking system, I would bet my house that they will be constructed to come to the conclusion that, say, CBS News is to be trusted far more than the bloggers who correctly showed the network's anchorman was lying. And all this will be done in the name of "science." Wow.

Wow indeed. Lying he says! I wasn't aware that was what the commission found in the Rather story. The source lied, and it a took a while to get that admission, but still. I'll take that bet. We can even trade houses so you won't be technically homeless in the deal, but the ranking of Google is likely to find that the sources used by legitimate papers, wire services, and networks are liable to be better than the opinions of a bloggers who never leave their houses. That's a fact and I suspect the algorithim with take that under consideration. He's clearly lost it.


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