Friday, April 01, 2005

Dan Brown Inc.

We've had quite an investigation on the resume of author Dan Brown over at Lee Goldberg's blog. Lewis Perdue asked questions of the claims on Brown's website and in newspaper articles. Supposedly he wrote a song Peace in Our Time which was played at the 1996 Olympics. Yet there is no such song copywritten in his name.

Claims of his music career are a bit inflated, but then it was a failed music career so it's not that far out of line. The world tour was with the Amherst College squash and glee club disguised by an accronym. Four (two here) CD's no longer available are self-published with a vanity music company. Now that the big bucks are in his wallet a bit of cultural hagiography is going on in the press as is usually the case in entertainment. I don't know, it seems unlikely that Brown never heard of Lew's books on the same subjects, but that's the same claim as in my case. With my documents all over the office in computer files, Desjardin never knew of or looked at them because they weren't printed out as testified by the former office holder at his agency. He showed up with an already written proposal for my book to take over the office that manages my historic site that the book is based around. Such coincidence.

Brown's new novel: "This new novel explores the hidden history of our nation's capital." Sounds like the movie National Tresure a illumiati Masonic treaure hunt.


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