Thursday, March 10, 2005

To the Swarm at Mindsight

I'm cross-posting this from Lee Goldberg's vanity press thread where the swarm from Mindsight series forum has piled in to defend the new publisher of ALL their books, or close to it.

This is my last response to the people from the other forum who are blinded by friendship to the authors of the new start-up in question. They call that bias-unobjective.

One day the owner [of Behler Publications] was a "happy" PA author. Of course like all of them the book hadn't come out yet. She collected other PA books in a lending library as as I recall. She attended a PA convention. And low and behold she starts a POD company with another PA author, then another and another and another....until they all were "published."

As with PA they all review each others books in circular fashion. Go to Amazon look at the names and cross-check.

Are you telling me all of these books would make the cut at a real publisher? What did the agents say? Oh yeah, what filter? I don't buy the premise and neither does the anyone else save the authors themselves. Small start-up? Try instant.

This may come to a surprise but in a thread about vanity publishing people involved can state an opinion without being attacked by those tied to the operation like a cult. That's PA still talking through you mouths.

The market will determine how successful any book is if its "out there" but without distribution and placement on shelves nationwide very few will sell.

So now gran (Jan Fields), owner of a webzine and no books, defends low sales because like their other books, that's a given. Which leaves us to the ad hominem psychoanalytic shot at my books for which at the time were free and don't take rights away from author. I did nothing to market them. I bought none.

It goes like this: since I have vanity press books I can't know anything about publishing, thus, I'm an angry author that atttacks PA authors to build myself up somehow. The Great Explainer they always use and have for two years. Unsuccessfully.

My apologies to Lee. He writes I comment, they swarm. That's the groupthink behavior that mirrors PA even if the arrangements are different. Handling criticism is not the strong suit of such writers. They expect Five-stars only no matter what they do. Let's see strangers give them on merit.

Feel free to attack me at my blog, but don't embarrass yourselves like this again. This is still America where one can have an opinion about a public venture. I call them as I see it, and don't call folks liars in public because we happen to differ on the facts. Funny how some always want to shut down speech and ban opposing views.


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