Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Journo Job Woes

What a tough line of your to break into. Even the smallest newspapers want the sun, moon and stars to make, get this $11-12 an hour with a BA in Journalism and Science in my case. Hell, even cheap temp clerical work pays more but I don't qualify for that either. One thing that bloggers would find out should they try to get paying work at the papers they criticise is that nothing blogged counts as clips for getting a job at a media company. Sure, some of the reporters blog but it's the print reporting that sells the papers.

Believe me they're (the editors) picky about what counts for that. It's simple interviewing and writing but they make it sound like a mission to Mars and the right candidate is crucial. It sounds to me like they're afraid to get someone who won't take a lot of abuse for next to no money. I can see why. With housing skyrocketing everywhere there's no way to justify moving to a Gucci community for a job that pays nothing. The publisher of these sorts of papers should just write things themselves and have it over with. Then it would be self-publishing which is what blogs are. Personally I rather be underpaid for writing my own stuff than spending twice as much as I'd make to take a small time job. The hunt for a decent position will continue. So will my own work for sale to the NY publishing houses.


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