Monday, February 28, 2005


I posted this response in lee Goldberg's blog about religious writers being duped by Publishamerica. Freelance mystery reviewer David Montgomery who seems to have a habit of insulting people straight out of the gate took offense to my knowledge of PA's victim profile: The Christian novelist.

You are a, blanket, all or nothing kind of guy aren't you? I hate this kind of sniping because when you start a response with "talking out your ass again" there's nothing left but to lock and load. Refusing to see any nuance in a position is dogma. I'm against dogmatic thinking.

I have a blog indeed and you may earn a post on it about stringer reviewers for big papers. Since I spent four years analyzing newspapers I have an idea how they work. 100s of Publishamerica authors got reviews in papers including the Washington Post so in general PODs don't get them but they can. Self-published ones always can but Frank in Philly is a lumper. Self is vanity to him. He's wrong and so are you on this point.

You want to make it personal "go ahead make my day." It's Clint's week.


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