Friday, February 04, 2005

Pushing Back

People are up in arms of Prof. Ward Churchill's 2001 essay. I watched Paula Zahn's assault force interview with him and the fact seems to be the peons in the equation don't understand the metaphor of "little Eichmans" he used. By his own testimony he meant technocrats and collateral damage. We as Americans don't addresss this accidental killing of civilians in war. We didn't mean it is the denial line we tell ourselves.

Churchill meant it was the little victims of US foreign policy striking back at the money changers at the WTC and the janitors and firemen are the collateral damge. The families, who are deep into the oversensitivity of bad timing and wrong place took it personally and didn't even attempt to understand the message. How long will it take for the average US Joe to figure out simple relationships in the world?


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