Saturday, February 12, 2005

Blog storm-troopers

That's what the latest blog mob head hunting CNN's Eason Jordon has been dubbed and with good reason. How dare he suggest the US Military has targeted journalists? Was it a policy? I doubt it but there are enough vigilante operators among the enlisted that it could be a personal tactic in resentment of the embedded truth-finders. Just sayin. Maybe that's what Jordon thought to, unfortunately he said it out loud in Davos.

The right-blog-storm do it by promoting only the jingoism they want. For the mostpart that's what the public wants to. Tough to fight that. Any criticism becomes cavorting with the enemy by proxy. Keep pushing the truth. I had an interview with a reservist and his wife, good friends of the family, that were quick to criticize the Fallujah tape of Kevin Sites. The assertion was that you couldn't see one side of him and he could have been loaded. Believers head for any opening they have and place all of their eggs there. Expect it. To them the history and the tape with testimony meant nothing. Only the room for doubt counted. Soldiers had been killed by doubt and fear placed on them by embedded journalists.

In short they can't do their jobs because of journalists. That's a tough row to hoe for truth-finders.


Anonymous Tony said...

Wow! You are an unbiased truth-finder. Let's see 'bloggers' that are lawyers, doctors and professionals, in addition, to partisans engaging the fourth estate in areas where they are the expert. Sorry you graduated in the wrong era. You're going to get fact-checked. Eason Jordan lied to keep his journalist in Baghdad under Saddam. He had to admit it AFTER we invaded. But than you the truth-finder discover that information. Oh, Right!!!

1:42 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Well I never said I'd defend everything he decided on in his entire career. As I recall it, he and the others had to tread lightly to stay in Baghdad. But I suppose that escaped you Tony? Maybe he should have left Saddam a bomb with CNN on it. Would that satisfy you? I doubt it.

5:16 PM  

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