Friday, October 08, 2004

Town Hall

"They were deceiving the inspectors!" Bush says. About what? The fact that didn't have any weapons? I guess so. Your's in irony.

"I heard there's rumors [about a draft] on the internets." Bush.

Kerry is delivering punishing blows with great flair. Bush is oblivious. "He's solved medicare and reformed the health system. Oh Nero take up thy fiddle!

Bush called him Kennedy, I think.

He did. Bad answer on environment, or incomplete I sould say, but Bush lied through his teeth.

Bush is pro-life in stem-cells. He sees the embryonic clusters as viable life. It isn't. Kerry did well, not playing God, instead relying on logic and scientific opinion.

Kit Seeyle of the NY Times is channeling my thoughts about the woman in the gray suit being unhappy with Bush's rambling about leadership.


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