Friday, October 15, 2004

Mary Cheney

Fact meets ideology.

The Cheneys are opportunistic hypocrits. They are part of an administration that has proposed a marriage amendment that would prevent Mary from legally marrying based on her sexual orientation. It is unclear if they are even for civil unions. There is little doubt they think she's chosen that lifestyle and it's not genetic. That's a flat-earth thought. I would not have used the term lesbian, but that's it.

The question was is this a choice? Kerry doesn't think it is and neither do thinking people anywhere. The exchange meant as supportive to the gay situation, was turned into an ad hominem to Kerry for speaking the truth about the issue. To the Cheneys this is just another fact they don't want to acknowledge or be reminded of.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was engaging in this very argument elsewhere.

I have yet to see any hard evidence, in writing
and quotable, that homosexuality is genetic.

That's certainly an idea that's been promoted
by Hollywood. But in science? Where is the
source? So far I've only heard a lot of
earnest testimony from biased individuals on
both sides. (Gay and straight)


9:20 PM  

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