Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Debate 3.

Bush is wrong on Pell Grants. I get $4050 a year. If Bush proposed $5100 I didn't hear about. Kerry is correct more people are poor and thus qualify for the grant. You need to be impoversihed to qualify. I know this from experience all too well. Bush doesn't.

Bush continues to babble about non accomplishments and a machine-gun-effect of ad hominem cliched attacks on Kerry's record. Kerry corrects the skewed numbers which of course are wrong. He's providing details which makes Bush cringe.

News organizations aren't credible Bush says, to a Kerry reference on his health care plan as if everything you read is fabricated. That's an overgeneralization media bias fallacy all conservatives hold.

Kerry nails him on the assault weapons ban. Bush's reason? The Congress didn't want it.

Bad selection of questions, very softball. Kerry still won though having painted a scary picture of Bush as an ideologue detached from reality. Mission accomplished.


Blogger Jiffy said...

Im sorry after reading just about everything down to this point, I must say... I know an english teacher; I mean, not that writing opinionated articles written in such a way that you intend them to be fact, is all well and good. But wheres the sources? "He said/She said", is okay... But where do your figures come from? and whats flat-earth thought? I think* "thinking people" read your blog and laugh. Because its pretty funny.

5:43 PM  

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