Friday, September 17, 2004

The Talkingpoint of the Right-Leaners

"Patience helps convey the will to persist until stability is reached. Bush vows to persist. Kerry is on the horns of a dilemma because many Democratic voters he needs to win don't believe we should stay, but cutting and running would have profound repercussions. Meanwhile, the press seems unable to map the issue clearly."

Stephan Waters the publisher of the Rome, NY local paper continually makes the weak attempt to shore up the Bush position framed in a critique of the press. A riddle in an enigma if you will. Bob, a conservative student in my newspaper practicum made the same comment to the very word, which is what differentiates conservatives from liberal democrats like me perfectly. We'd never make the exact same points in lockstep like this from two ends of the country. If we leave the country would "descend into civil war," he said. Descend from where? The brink of civil war which is where we've taken them in a year and a half? We're in civil war now in Iraq.

Positive stories toward the invasion were few in the run up to the war. The one series that shored up the policy came from Judith Miller was a false positive. It reflects reality which is we base truth and the news on. More often than not this is not a positive assessment nor should it be. Blaming a skeptical press for not rah rahing the faith and patience of the president's plan is a red flag to me for blind faith. Conservatives trend toward this line of thought. They're willing to ignore giant negatives on the ground because of faith. Faith is not a plan. Ground markers tell us what is and if it's working or not. So far they say we were right beforehand and they were and still are wrong. I'm reporting it now, again.


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