Thursday, September 09, 2004

Tangled Web Woven By Whom?

Boy what a plot. So two unsigned documents presented by CBS last night are forged. But by whom? Stirling Newberry thinks they were planted by the Bush campaign. Christ on a cracker.

As Josh Marshall said I don't claim to be a forensic expert on documents since I'm used to looking at 200 year-old hand scrawlings with quill pens. Josh can identify with that I'm sure. But it appears that typewriters existed in 1971-2 when I first went to college that could use a superscript key to reduce the "th" date designation. As with the "Combat V" designation different clerks processed these documents. It's difficult to claim much from what we have here, but ideology is in full bloom and possible fraud by the incumbant is a possiblity. Democrats aren't dumb enough to forge documents to shore up a weak case. That's strictly GOP territory. Stay tuned.


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