Friday, July 09, 2004

Opinion Journal

I submitted this to the WSJ in response to Taranto's article on the sunniness and dourness of Kerry/Edwards.

Left-leaning and Liberal don't mean the pejorative context that conservatives believe to most Americans as witnessed by the Clinton/Gore votes. Yes, the last one too.

Liberal values are pragmatic, reasoned, diplomatic and strong in position. They are pro-American yet with a concern for how we are percieved by the rest of the world. Remember we are the strongest, but are outmumbered. Not by terrorists but populations.

Thumbing our noses at the volitile world and selling the farm at home to do it are not well-reasoned stances. Blinkered by ideology and paranoia like Nixon/Agnew, both indicted, is the order of the day and doesn't seem all that rosy to many of us today. The competent ticket and reasoning of the so-called liberal Democratic ticket should be worrisome for the dazed sunniness in the face of contrary evidence on the ground in every area, of the Republicans.

Confused by belief?

Liberty and Liberal go hand in hand. The Hobbesian netherworld we have now needs this change of hands. We will demand it.


Blogger Mark said...

They didn't run it.

1:55 PM  

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