Thursday, September 26, 2013

ACA Meltdown

I sent this conundrum to NBC News. It defies all logic, but a then, a camel is a horse designed by a committee. So if royalties and other income don't meet the magic income figure. Forget it. You lose, while people making 50K get premium help. Really? Really. Dr. Synderman. It has come to my attention in researching the ACA healthcare exchange that anyone who makes less than the federal poverty level, in my case for 1, that anything less than the $11,490 income level receives no subsidy. None. Notice I said less. In states where Medicaid expansion has been declined, the poorest citizens will get no help at all in the exchanges. The Kaiser calculator confirms this dichotomy, unbelievable, though it is. And the coverage for someone my age, 60, would cost hundreds of dollars more than my policy costs now, and cover less. Please look into this. Thanks. #askdrnancy


Blogger Mark said...

She did not.

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