Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Impact of State of Fear

I can't emphasize the political clout this badly contrived book State of Fear has had on policy. After reading all the pertinent papers and even interviewing the experts at Realclimate, albeit before they started the blog, Crichton still wrote the polar opposite of what the data show. He deliberately distorted and cherrypicked the exact sequences of findings that confirmed his bias. I guess that just ruled truth out?

The book launched him straight to Capitol Hill and then over to the White House where Bush told him, "I like this." Well now these people are out of power and there will be no audience for denialist sceptics. I put off reading the book, but succumbed a year ago, in order to write my answer novel. An Inconvenient Truth is the picture book rendition of the issue, but a novel with all the players acting as they are and have in the real world is the best way to get through to readers unaware of what's going on. If one has to ask "what's the deal," they need help.


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