Sunday, February 19, 2006

Report the Truth

"Our strength comes from emphasizing in every word and action the values that separate us from those who oppose us, not from adopting their methods."

Says Bob Schieffer. And how. Rumsfeld is wrong about inventing bad news in the same way Middle Eastern propagandists are wrong about how and why we do things over there. Their methods are distortions Scheiffer is saying. We don't ever want to deny the truth or obsfucate it. The media wars are won and lost on this very tactic. Our job is not to let it. They would argue their methods are indeed the truth, that we are after the oil, and are occupiers. This simply isn't true and atrocities like Abu Ghraib don't give one prima facie evidence of such a campaign. In a very ugly thread on Marc Cooper's blog these distortions were front and center. I wouldn't buy it and two Middle Eastern types immediately painted me as an O'Reilly. It's laughable. Then, conservative smear tactics came into play using bad reviews of my book.

We've given them this opportunity by botching the evidence of a threat by Hussein, a dangerous buffoon and enemy of everyone especially Iraqis but to this crowd he's given a pass and we get the ire. This is wrong no matter who does it: Rumsfeld or them. It's hard to know what the exact state of things is for Iraqis, but on the face of it, it looks bad. The army is a patsy and should be removed. Then the locals would only have locals to kill, as they are doing now anyway along with the US soldiers. Who would be blamed for their actions then?


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