Thursday, September 02, 2004

Blinkered by Ideology

This is clip from the pretzel logic files of Patterico a right-wing Texan, anonymmous blogger and prosecutor for Los Angeles CO. Scary I know, but at least at work he'll have help thinking and writing.

"As I have argued, this was not a trivial mistake. It concerned a matter of intense national interest," Paterico pontificates. "Kerry's campaign repeatedly defends Kerry against the accusations of the Swift Boat Vets by arguing that we should look to the opinions of those who were on the boat with Kerry. Yet Swift Boat Vet Steve Gardner says he spent more time on the same boat with Kerry than any of the crewmates who are supporting Kerry.While Gardner may not have witnessed the incidents for which Kerry was awarded medals, he would know something about an issue that could pose a real threat to the Kerry campaign: the "Christmas in Cambodia" story. Indeed, Gardner is appearing in a new commercial focusing on the "Christmas in Cambodia" fabrication. It's important for the citizenry to understand that Gardner knows what he's talking about when he speaks about Kerry's Cambodia falsehood."

So let's recap: Gardner wasn't present on all of the medal-awarded missions, but was still on the boast with Kerry. I suppose this is where his omnipresence comes in handy. He has "feelings" about it though. He just has a hunch John Kerry is wrong in hindsight. Right, that's credible in blinkerville.

Was he in Cambodia? Who knows? Kerry was on his way there on a secret mission Christmas day. Where did they drop anchor? Answer that counselor Fife. Moreover is two feet shy of the border literally a lie when you aren't aware in the jungle?

Such semantic crap.


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